Afternoon Tea at Raffles Hotel

In an earlier post, I mentioned Raffle’s afternoon tea and my desire to try it out. Well, I’m quite pleased to inform you guys that I’ve finally tried it out just a couple of weeks ago. The verdict? Let’s just say, I’d like to go back… real soon!

Allow me to regale you with an afternoon tea play-by-play.

As soon as we went in the Wrtier’s Bar, we knew we were in for a treat. The interiors was lavish and cozy at the same time. It felt like being invited to an affluent friend’s home and being asked to enjoy some tea in their library. You have high shelves filled with books and a few curios here and there. The seats are plush and comfy. The interiors have a few dramatic, regal touches, like the drapery tassels. We sat in a spot right across the grand piano where a skilled pianist weaved exquisite music.

The waiter came with a big smile and we ordered our afternoon tea set. He asked whether we wanted coffee or tea. We chose tea, and you guys should definitely choose tea, too! I mean what’s afternoon tea without the tea, right? ;)

The next question was what tea we wanted. The menu showed a list of teas that all sounded equally decadent and tempting so I asked the waiter what he recommended. He certainly knew his afternoon tea! He was able to describe them and guided us towards the best-sellers.

So we ended up getting the Sweet Paris tea and Mango Fruit. I loved that we got one teapot each. As he poured Sweet Paris onto my cup, a sweet caramel smell wafted through the air and soothed my senses. Yep, this tea tasted and smelled just as beautiful as the city it was named after. The Mango Fruit was tangy and certainly did not lose to Sweet Paris. It had its own personality – sunny and bright.

Afternoon Tea at Raffles Hotel

Sweet Paris Tea and Mango Fruit Tea at Raffles Hotel

Just a note: I wished the cups were daintier, like those fine China floral-painted teacups, but this is just my girly self nitpicking ;)

After a cup of tea, my taste buds were perked up and ready for the eats. Our table was graced with a plate of finger sandwiches.

Finger Sandwiches at the Writer's Bar Afternoon Tea

Finger Sandwiches (L-R): Ham and cream cheese, Smoked Salmon, Cucumber, Egg Sandwich, Roast Beef

The leftmost, my favorite, is ham with a very generous amount of what I believe to be cream cheese. The second one is smoked salmon. I’m a huge fan of smoked salmon, but I felt like the bread overpowered the taste of the salmon. It would have been more delicious had it been served with just one slice of bread, open-faced. A drizzling of some lemon juice would have also completed it perfectly. The third sandwich, cucumber sandwich, is nice and refreshing. The fourth is an egg salad sandwich. The fifth is beef, my second favorite. I appreciated that the beef was tender.

And then the second platter of food arrived and I was in afternoon tea heaven. Scones! The most delicious scones I’ve ever eaten! Scones are a tricky thing to bake. They’re slightly crumbly on the outside, dense yet pleasantly light and soft on the inside. They don’t rely on frosting so they have to be fresh and the dough has to be perfect. Raffles’ scones passed the test with flying, delicious colors!

Scones at Raffles Hotel Lobby Lounge

One should separate the scones from the center to apply the clotted cream and strawberry jam to get the perfect bite. And perfect it was. The cream was rich and luscious, and the jam was heaven! Unlike other jams, this one was the right balance of sweet and tart. And it was smooth, not clumpy like some commercial brands. I was honestly tempted to dump ALL the jam into one scone but controlled myself.

Now if the plain scone was delicious, the blackcurrant scone was just divine! I loved how the bits of blackcurrants added extra texture. I’m definitely coming back to buy a batch of these.

The last course was served in the quintessential three-tiered serving tray:

Raffles Hotel, Writers Bar Dessert Plate

On the top, you have tiny tarts, little pops of goodness. The second one brings you tiny cream puffs and eclairs – the outside was perfectly airy and the filling was just the right amount of sweetness. The bottom plate served flour-less chocolate cake that was served as a present – a befitting look as the taste was truly a gift! The macarons were also very delicious – crisp and crumbly on the outside, chewy on the inside. As a self-confessed macaron lover, it was like I saved the best for last.

All in all, the experience was really a delight for the senses. You better drop by, soon! :)

You may contact Raffles Hotel at: 555-9777. It is located in front of Landmark Supermarket, Makati

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