Fondue at Old Swiss Inn, Somerset Olympia

If you’re looking for fondue in Manila, Old Swiss Inn is the place for you. Granted, there aren’t many fondue places in the metro to begin with, but it is also the restaurant’s quaint old-world charm that has allowed it to stand the test of time.

Since 1946, the Old Swiss Inn has been delighting locals and foreigners. A few weeks ago, I finally got a chance to experience it myself!

We seated at a very cozy corner. The wooden decor, the dim light, and the flags overhead felt like we had been transported to a cabin far away.

We tried their best-selling Waatlander Fondue. Before the fondue arrived, we were served a bunch of rolls. They were fresh and delicious, but I decided not to eat too much since our fondue would be dipped in bread cubes as well. When the black pot arrived, I was very excited. In a matter of seconds, our cheese dip was bubbling and brewing.

The mixture was good, though I felt like they went too heavy on the kirsch. I also feel like the bread would have been better toasted and crispy.

None the less, the whole meal was quite the experience. I would recommend that the fondue be shared by more than two people so you can enjoy their other dishes, like this yummy corned beef sandwich:

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For more info on Somerset Olympia, click here.

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