Spring at BSA Mansion… And I don’t mean the season!

Last March, I was finally able to try out Spring at BSA Mansion.

What is Spring you ask? It is not the season we all daydream about. Though the daydreaming part may well be true. It’s a cozy little Chinese restaurant at the lobby of this condominium hotel.

Just a little bit of history. Spring is the brainchild of Ha Yuan, a restaurant that has been around China Town since 1956. Get all the good authentic home-cooked Chinese food of Ha Yuan, mix it up with a modern, fresh perspective and you get Spring by Ha Yuan!

The space in the BSA Mansion is small, which adds to the quaint quality of the resto. On one side, the open kitchen gives you a view of cooks whipping up your meals.

We tried the Soy Chicken Mushroom Misua. It was listed under dry noodle dishes, but only because it’s not a noodle soup dish. The overall result is nothing but dry. The noodles were all embraced by a delicious tasty sauce, and the chicken pieces on top were tender.

Misua Chinese Food at BSA Mansion Condotel

The dumplings in soy ginger broth were a perfect accompaniment to the noodles. The kick of ginger and tangy sauce really perked my taste buds. The wrapper was not too thick, and encased very moist, delicious bits of goodness.

Chinese food in BSA Mansion, Makati

We then had the HY Signature Lumpia. It would be a shame not to try their signature dish after all! As a fan of fresh lumpia, this one was tops and was loaded and packed, just the way I like it.

BSA Makati - Spring lumpia Chinese food

Finally, to cap off the meal, we had some sweet treats. I really wanted to try the pig-shaped red bean sweet dumplings because I’m a fan of red bean (and heck I love food that looks cute!) but alas, they were all out. I wanted a couple of other desserts, but they were out too. So I finally opted for an order of Taho with taro. The taho was refreshing, and the taro gave it an interesting new spin. I was not disappointed. I failed to take a picture, but here’s one from their Facebook page:

Taro taho dessert BSA Mansion

If you want good Chinese Food at an affordable price, then you best head on over to BSA Mansion for your treat! Good luck with getting your hands on their dessert menu, where some of their most imaginative dishes come from. Then do come back here and tell me how they tasted (and make me envious in the process!)

Here’s their full address:
G/F BSA Mansion, 108 Benavidez St. Legaspi Village, 1229
Phone Number: 403-1508

* The place is conveniently a short walk away from Greenbelt.

For more info on BSA Mansion condotel, click here.

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