5 star hotels near Ayala Malls (with walking directions)

While there are several affordable hotels located within walking distance from the Ayala Malls, there are, of course, also a couple of 5 star hotels situated nearby. And since we can all use a little luxury from time to time, we decided to give you a list of these hotels, in case you decided to indulge on your trip, or opted to enjoy these hotels’ sumptuous buffets:

1. New World Hotel
Immediate Landmarks: Greenbelt 3, there are also a couple of stores lining the outside of the hotel, including a hair salon, a second-hand luxury bag shop, furniture store, cafe, and a tailor.

Directions: From Greenbelt 3, cross the street towards the main entrance.

Pedestrian-friendly: Great. In my opinion, it is the easiest and safest to get to via walking. There is almost always a security guard ushering pedestrians towards the other side and even if there isn’t a guard, there is an island in the middle of the two-way lane for you to cross safely. Once you get there, there is an easy pedestrian lane going towards the entrance of the hotel. For those commuting, it is conveniently right in front of the MRT station.

Notable Info: Their Chinese restaurant, Jasmin, offers authentic, delicious treats.

2. Dusit Thani Manila
Immediate Landmarks: SM Makati, Park Square 1, Glorietta 1

Option 1. From Glorietta 1, head towards SM Makati then cross the street towards the back entrance of Dusit.
Option 2. From Park square 1, cross the street towards the main entrance.

Pedestrian-friendly: Not so. There are currently no pedestrian lights going towards the hotel and no island in the middle of the two-way lane so it might be a bit tricky crossing so please walk carefully. Occasionally, a security guard will be there to assist you as well. You may also opt to get a taxi for the short ride so you can be dropped at the entrance.

Notable Info: Japanese restaurant, Umu, serves delicious authentic food.

3. Shangrila Hotel
Immediate Landmarks: The Link parking lot complex (which has a couple of restaurants, and some service-oriented shops like a dermatology center, dentist, and barber), 6750 (an office building with some restaurants at the first floor; most notably, the always packed Starbucks coffee shop)

Directions: From Glorietta or Landmark, cross the street towards the Link and then walk towards the hotel which is right beside the Link.

Pedestrian-friendly: Good. There are pedestrian lights from the Landmark Supermarket / Glorietta Mall towards the Link.

Notable Info: Has the grandest lobby among the others mentioned here, in my opinion. Once you step into the main entrance, you are graced by two spiral staircases going up, and a sprawling, inviting lobby where an orchestra plays from time to time.

4. Ascott Makati
Immediate Landmarks: Glorietta 4, SM Makati

Directions: Step outside the Glorietta 4 exit, walk a few steps towards the direction of SM Makati, and you’re there!

Pedestrian-friendly Perfect! No crossing needed from Glorietta.

Notable Info: The most salient feature of this hotel is the fact that it is located right smack in the mall complex. As opposed to the other accommodations mentioned here, Ascott is more of a serviced residence hotel.

5. Hotel Intercon
Immediate Landmarks: Glorietta 5, SM Makati

Directions: From Glorietta 5, cross the street towards the Intercon

Pedestrian-friendly: Good. There might not be a pedestrian light from Glorietta 5 to Intercon, but you just need to cross a one-way street.

Notable Info: Glorietta 5 is a pretty small mall. You should go to the other Glorietta and Greenbelt malls for more choices. Don’t worry going to these places is an easy underpass stroll.

Of course, the most important question is how much is a room? If you booked a room during this period, room rates would start, on average, at 7,500 pesos or 180USD. For some, this may be a pretty manageable price, especially for short stays and honeymoons. As always, you should look through the rates provided by each hotel to weigh and figure out the best deal – remember to consider breakfast inclusion, taxes, transfer fees, use of pool/gym, and for business travelers (or Internet addicts!) WiFi charges (if any).

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